Keryflex Services Offered in The Fan, VCU, Fredericksburg, VA

Whether you’ve faced nail trauma or a fungal infection, KeryFlex® offers a solution to restore your toenail’s appearance. Our skilled podiatrists provide this innovative topical treatment at Spotsylvania Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates. KeryFlex can quickly enhance the shape and strength of damaged toenails. For more information, please contact our Fredericksburg, Virginia office or schedule an appointment online.

Quick Facts About Keryflex

Keryflex is a brand of nail reconstruction product that can be used to restore the natural look and feel of a damaged or discolored toenail.

Keryflex is easy to apply and painless, and the results are immediate with no drying time needed.

The flexible resin material can be shaped and painted with custom colors to match any type of aesthetic desired by the user.

Keryflex Q & A

What is KeryFlex?

KeryFlex, from the Podiatree Co.®, is a noninvasive in-office treatment that instantly restores the appearance of a damaged nail. This quick application creates a new, nonporous nail from composite resin materials that allows your natural nail to regrow on its own. That way, you never have to be without a nail while your natural one grows back.

What can KeryFlex treat?

KeryFlex is a cosmetic solution to damaged, fungal, and ingrown toenails. It isn’t a medical treatment and can’t fix the underlying cause of infection. If your nail requires partial or complete removal or the nail itself is deformed, KeryFlex can restore its natural shape and size while it regrows.

How is KeryFlex different from an acrylic nail?

Acrylic nails can’t bend like the composite resin materials that KeryFlex uses. As a result, an acrylic nail can damage the nail bed as the new tissue grows. KeryFlex is flexible enough to change shape with your new nail as it forms.

Applying an acrylic nail also requires chemical solutions that can irritate the nail bed. These harsh chemicals can even damage the new nail.

How long does it take to apply KeryFlex?

Most KeryFlex applications take just 15-30 minutes to complete. The time it takes to bind KeryFlex to the nail bed depends on how much existing nail you have left. The material doesn’t bond to the skin, so it’s essential to have at least 15% of your natural nail.

Can I wear nail polish with KeryFlex?

KeryFlex is almost identical to your natural nail. Nail polish and acetone won’t affect the composite resin materials that make up this durable nail. You can file and shape the nail but not cut or trim it.

Once the composite resin nail hardens through the curing process, you can apply nail polish right away.

What happens to KeryFlex once my natural nail returns?

KeryFlex permanently binds to the nail bed and grows with the nail, so you can’t remove it on your own. To remove the KeryFlex nail, you must return to Richmond Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, where your provider uses an electric drill to file down the material.

To learn more about KeryFlex, call Richmond Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates today or schedule an appointment online.